Two trends presented by the global thermal laminating film industry
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Two trends presented by the global thermal laminating film industry


The birth of the laminating film is in 1989, the United States and Europe has been widely used until 1996 before moving to Asia.  At the same time, previously laminating technology, Europe and the United States has announced a ban on the use of film, changed to laminating Late due to the Asian region laminating film technology, in many Asian countries, the laminating share of the share is not high. At present, Japan has all use thermal laminating film, other countries such as China, South Korea in the laminating film and coating used along with the state. 

The data show that the laminating film coating technology as an environmentally friendly printed in developed countries has been widely used. In 1996, the United States to achieve the laminating technology that is coated comprehensive alternative to the current market share of 95%. Europe is the birthplace of the water-based coating technology and the promotion of the laminating film at first slowly, but steadily improved its market share in recent years, and currently has 65%. Japan, South Korea began in the 1990s to promote the laminating film, the current market usage has reached approximately 70% and 50%.

The application of laminating film technology in China is relatively backward, 2000 laminating since, at present still in its infancy. According to 2008 statistics, China's the laminating market share ratio of less than 10%. The most used solvent-based, coating technology, accounting for 68%, In addition, the water-soluble coating technology accounted for about 20%.

The global thermal laminating film industry showed two trends, we can see that laminating the market prospect is broad, replacing the coating technology become a mainstream trend is inevitable. Current situation, the low utilization rates of countries and regions is still in the laminating alternative period of development. Asia, many companies have realized the enormous potential of the laminating film market, their entry is bound to gradually cut back to the mainstream of European and American firms. Global the laminating costs will also decline.

The laminating have a good market prospects, is closely related with its downstream industries. Certain requirements, it is impossible to create a market myth. Laminate downstream industries in the printing industry, including the industrial printing market, the commercial printing market and the specialty market. In the field of industrial printing, in recent years maintained an average growth rate of more than 10%; in the field of commercial printing, using the only card and poster advertising light boxes. Digital printing, digital printing business is the birth of development, according to estimates in 2010, the share of the global digital printing industry accounted for the printing market will rise to 20% ~ 25% annual growth rate of over 16%. Development of professional digital laminating film has become an inevitable, laminating film industry will provide tremendous space for development.

At present, the laminating film technology has not simply used in the field of printing and packaging. Many international laminating film manufacturer has been successfully used in special industries, new building insulation materials, such as the construction industry, electronics industry, new insulation materials for thermal laminating film laminating industry expands more broad space for development and the new direction of development.


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